ThenI find where the glowing place has moved into

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ThenI find where the glowing place has moved into

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Unlike fruit Animal Crossing Bells trees, even as soon as you've chosen your bell tree, it is no longer a bell tree. It will become a hardwood tree, just useful for decoration/wood. So, after I've chosen the bells out of the day's bell tree, then I just hit on it with my axe, accumulate the wood out of it, then dig it up (selling it in Nook's). ThenI find where the glowing place has moved into, and re-invest some of my money tree cash into a new currency tree, and then keep the gain.

It is a decent method of earning passive income, earning 1k bells in the shining place, and everywhere between 0-60k bells of gain from the tree (depending on how far you plant at the first place) every day. It ai not much, but it is honest work.

That's how it's always been quarantine has seemingly given people unrealistic expectations. I will normally play 10 minutes a day or merely completely skip it then perform for a few hours on the weekend to discover bugs or change some things up on my island. People putting stuff like 500 hours into it and complaining about the lack of content amaze me.

When it came out, a number of my buddies racked up 200 hours of playtime at the first couple of months and had these crazy elaborate islands. I had to stop looking at their articles about it as it made me feel weirdly awful in my own! Now they have mostly all burned out on the match, though, while I am still plugging along with a couple of minutes a day.

Not gonna lie, that's actually what the game is to me I log in for around 20-30 minutes a day just after I wake up. I may log back in for 5-10 minutes in the evenings to cheap Animal Crossing Items check turnip prices or speak to villagers that weren't alert in the afternoon. But that is it.